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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  January 24, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight. a five-year-old girl tucked in bed, five hours later, she's gone. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little haleigh. the last person to see her alive, stepmother misty claiming she's innocent. then she admitted on tv she failed. bombshell tonight. as we go to air, haleigh's
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father, ronald cummings, and babysitter turned stepmother, misty crossla misty crosslin behind bars. >> the father and stepmother are behind bars on charges of drug trafficking. >> five counts out of putnam county and one charge out of st. john county. >> they made purchases of oxycodone and hydrocodone, prescription drugs. >> they participated in transactions of nearly $4,000 of hydrocodone and ox i ycodonoxyc.
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they could receive five years in jail. >> we've seen people commit crazy crimes against their own family members because the drive of these drugs is so strong. >> you've made an accusation that crosslin was on a drug bing. due any eviden do you have any evidence to support that claim? >> no,i don't. >> then why did you say it? >> it was just a thought. >> oxycodone is related to more deaths in florida than any other drug. >> we see sometimes accidental deaths. >> i put her to bed about 8:00, and i woke up and she was gone. >> do you believe misty was at home and she's telling the truth? >> yeah, i believe she's telling the truth. >> she is still the most important witness in this case. >> and tonight, live,
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windermere, florida. golf superstar tiger woods drives out of his complex, 2:00 a.m., barefoot and hits a tree. he immediately pulls out of the golf championship and admits he was with two waitresses, a porn star and a pancake waitress. he gets no charges even though cops were told he was drinking and took painkillers and sleeping pills. tiger woods in addiction rehab, sex addiction. tonight photos finally emerge of tiger woods coming from the national enquirer. they show him in that rehab facility. millions of dollars dried up.
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even golf digest turns their back on woods, with woods in treatment for sex addiction. where does that leave wife elin? two little children and nearly $1 billion hanging in the balance. >> do you think that tiger is a sex addict? >> the man that i knew, the tiger that i knew, i would never think that. it was never about that. he never, you know, just kind of said come over and that's what's going to happen. >> it seemed like an innocent thanks ggiving day. he was just gone. every photographer in the world has been trying to get this. >> this is behavior that goes to
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the extreme where he had a dozen or more women, probably each believing they were the only other woman, so he was lying to each of them. >> tiger has patterns of obviously in infidelity and risk taking. i think to call him a sex addict is a stretch and actually an excuse for really bad, bad behavior. >> if you can, please take your name off that. just have it as a number on the voicemail. okay? you got to do this for me. quickly. >> he's betrayed a number of people in his wife, namely his wife. >> i thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight. haleigh's father, ronald
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cummin cummings, and his wife, misty crosslin, behind bars. >> i got home and the door was propped open. >> and she's gone. >> nearly one year after the disappearance still unsolved, misty cummings, ronald cummings and his brother all charged with drug trafficking. >> this is an outstanding charge of drug trafficking that all culminated with the missing child. >> crosslin and cummings were arrested after allegedly buying and selling amounts of prescription drugs. >> they said he bought $3900 worth of oxycodone and hydro e
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hydrocodone from them. >> what about haleigh? isn't she supposed to be the focus? >> is this a police attempt to get the truth? >> misty cross dglin still in j. they will use the threat of a murder charge to try to get her to open up and reveal what she knows. >> if she went out and looked for the right person, they would have the answers, but they're trying to get the answers from me. >> misty cross dgslin was the l person to see little haleigh cummings alive. >> i think she is still holding the key to where little haleigh is. >> straight out to you, art harris, investigative journalist at art, what happened in a nutshell? >> there was a tip that drugs
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were being sold in putnam county and that misty crosslin was involved. t the undercover policeman makes friends with misty and others and is going back and forth with drug buys. misty is involved in all of the buys, and once she brings ronald cummings, another time she brings his cousin. another time she brings a woman named donna brock, and they sold a total of 339 pills, vicodin, loritab, percocet and oxycodone, nancy, and this amounted to drug trafficking charges that have been brought against misty that could give her a total of 74 years behind bars, law enforcement tells me. her bond is set at $950,000, astounding. ronald behind bars on a bond of
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$500,000. >> let me back up. misty crosslin, have you seen what the written charges are? >> the charges, nancy, are detailed actually on her booking report, and it says only, drug trafficking between four grabs in less than 30 grams, kilograms, and there are six of those charges -- >> so there are six counts. let's take a look at that. unleashed lawyer, sue months, peter odom, and lawless in philadelphia. sue months, let's get out our calculators. all of us went to law school, we're not math teachers, but if the maximum is 30 years, i believe it is, on each count of trafficking, and that means she's got 28 grams or othever o the particular drugs, 6 times 30
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would be 180 possible years if these counts run consecutive. not 75 years, 180 years. now, do you agree with my math, sue moss? >> absolutely. selling oxycontin is just plain rotten. there should be no lenienclenie. this is this just leads to horrific abuses, and there is no leniency in this case. >> i want to see misty crosslin in court and that video. we have the video. there is the babysitter turned stepmother who was reportedly alone with haleigh cummings, the five-year-old little girl, the night she went missing. her story? that while stepmommy is asleep, someone must come in and take the baby. they're in a trailer.
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it's about -- how big is it, marlena chiva? you gave us a tour. how big is the thing, marlena? >> from the front door to the bed where she was, there was all of ten feet. from the back door to the bedroom, the bedroom that was propped open, it was about 16 feet. it's not a big place. >> back to you, art harris. ronald cummings is divorcing misty crosslin because he was convinced she knows more about his daughter's disappearance, and there he is, smugged up in the car with her, selling drugs to the tune of a trafficking amount? i'm not talking about a joint, people. i'm not talking about a nickel bag of pot, although they should go to jail for that, too. but i'm talking about a trafficking amount of oxycontin, oxycodone. and let's not forget, art harris, the big, long letter i
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happen to have right here where someone lays out a party that was held the night haleigh went missing, a drug party for the child allegedly got a pill, oxycontin, and died. >> that's right, nancy, and somebody supposedly put her body in a nearby lake. that has not been confirmed, but ronald and missy have been seen together in recent weeks, and i am told that misty has even a new tattoo of ronald on her lower back. >> i don't care about the tattoo, all i care about is what does this mean? is this finally the answer to haleigh cummings' disappearance? the whole kit and kaboodle makes me sick. >> it's new leverage.
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we had her and then doan't. i don't know where she is. >> that's part of a month-long investigation.
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they also arrested ronald cummings, ronald cummings' cousin and donna brock. they're all charged with drug trafficking of oxycodone and hydrocodo hydrocodone. >> bottom line, you don't know where haleigh is? >> bottom line. >> we'd love to have a break in this case, and we really would not care who it implicates as long as it braz hings haleigh b to us. >> tonight, misty crosslin, the babysitter turned stepmother, behind bars for drugs. along with her, ronald cummings, haleigh cummings' biological father, who allegedly divorced misty crosslin because of his belief she had some involvement or knew what had happened to his five-year-old little girl haleigh cummings, and you know who is lost in this tonight?
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the five-year-old, with this bunch more worried about their next hit, who they're going to sell drugs to, do you think they're focusing on this child? this little girl never had a chance growing up with this bunch. we are taking your calls live. renee in georgia. hi, renee. >> >> caller: hi, nancy, i just want to say i love your show and your kids are heaven sent. >> they really are. and how parents would risk their child by exposing them to elements involved in a drug trade is beyond me. >> caller: absolutely. >> i'm certainly no example, all right, but there are times i worked three jobs at a time to make it. and they asked misty crosslin in court today, pull this out, liz, what do you do for a living? do you know what she says?
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nothin'. >> we're paying for her while she's doing nothing. it comes out of everybody's check. my question is since there was an alleging that haleigh died from a drug overdose and now that her father was arrested for drug trafficking, doesn't it bring more information as to where haleigh might be? >> it certainly does. let's go back to the lawyer, peter odom. peter odom, when everybody first read that letter, it was assumed to be b.s. there's really no other nice way to put it. >> that's right. >> but the fact was, there was nothing in it for the author. she was writing a confidant. there was nothing she could gain by the letter.
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this is starting to have a tiny ring of truth to it. >> nancy, it's called corroborate ration. it certainly lends credence to what a lot of people did dismiss at first, and they're going to use this as leverage to try to get misty to talk, this new arrest. >> joining us out of philadelphia, joe, bottom line, they tried this with the brother. i believe it was tommy crosslin who is back behind bars now. they've tried it with misty croslin's brother. these people have nearly $1 million bond. they're not going anywhere. they're looking at almostover 1 years behind bars. somebody has to crack. >> somebody has to get her across a table, look her in the eye and say, you're not going
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anywhere for a long time, anyway. do you want to avoid the death penalty? now is the time to twist the screws. >> here's how i would handle it if i was prosecuting it. i would go ahead and take it to a jury trial on all these counts, all six counts, get the max consecutive, 30, 30, 30, 30, 30. let her sit behind bars for about a year and then ask her to cooperate. thoughts? >> that's why you didn't lose a case, nancy. that would be very effective. misty is the only one of these people who has not been to jail yet. so she is looking at something very unpleasant. >> what do you do for a living, ma'am? >> nothing. >> i'm sorry? >> nothing. >> how do you support yourself in. >> my mom and my dad.
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[ music ] >> welcome to comcast local edition, i'm donna richardson, and my guest this hour is leslie prewitt, director of external operations, opportunity builders. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> can you tell the viewers about opportunity builders incorporated and what exactly the organization does? >> absolutely. we have been around for 47. we were started in 1962. we provokessa provide training d rehabilitation. >> what are the services you
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offer your clients? >> there are 170 that stay in our warehouse that do packaging then we have 180 individuals that go out and work for local employer. >> you have the employers who are helping out and also having the contracts to give those, like you said, in the warehouse employment possibilities. >> absolutely. we're always looking to new contracts to fulfill, inside of our warehouse and then outside we're always looking for new employers to hire our adults. >> now all of this, i know it takes funding, and you've got a fund-raiser coming up. >> right. >> so tell us about your mardi gras. >> well, hence the beads so you know why i'm wearing beads. we are very proud of our 12th annual mardi gras. we have live music, we have a
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casino, an auction, great food, beer, wine, and ice cream and it's a great night and a lot of fun. >> it does sound like a lot of fun. how much are the tickets to be able to enjoy all this fun? >> the tickets are $50 each. >> very, very reasonable, and it sounds like you're getting a huge value with the opportunity of the casinos and the great food and the auctions and the dancing. >> uh-huh. >> so with this, because i know it takes a lot of dollars in order to run the program, how do you plan to use the proceeds? >> the proceeds will help with our operating expenses, especially with the downturn in the economy and budget cuts, we will be using it to assist the organization. >> leslie, i do have a question.
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how do your clients become a part of opportunity builders? >> they are funded for the developmental disability administration. if someone is interested, if a family is interested in having family members participate in an opportunity with opportunity builders, they would call and then we would direct them to our director of employment that would start them through the process of the program. >> once they're in the program, do you also provide training before the clients either work in the warehouse or go out to work with your partner businesses? >> absolutely. in the warehouse, we do have an instructor to assist individuals with each contract, and as far as the individuals who go out into the community and work, we do training for those individuals. they have a one on one coach so we'll make sure the individual knows how to do the job before we have them working on their own. >> in going back to mardi gras,
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do you need any volunteers to help out, because that's a big undertaking you have so many different activities going on? >> absolutely. we can always use volunteers, but we can always use the ticket sales, and that's really a big emphasis for us, ticket sales and sponsorships. >> exactly. so there are sponsorship opportunities available? >> absolutely. >> how can they reach you if they want to buy tickets or become a sponsor? they can call our office. >> perfect. well, leslie, thanks so much for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> our guest this hour is less by prior to director of external operations at opportunity builders. for comcast local edition, i'm donna richardson. [ music ]
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. what do you do for a living, ma'am? >> nothing. >> i'm sorry? >> nothing. >> how do you support yourself? >> my mom and my dad. >> how old are you? >> just turned 18. >> you had money to hire a lawyer? >> i have a lawyer. >> who is your lawyer, please? >> roger phillips. >> have you had time to contact mr. phillips? >> i talked to him last night. >> i'll tell mr. phillips that
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if you need county assistance, you can tell the court in putnam county and an attorney will be appointed. do you have any questions about that? >> no, sir. >> okay, you're dismissed. tonight, ronald kum mingcum
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the biological father of the fooi-year-old little girl that wen missing from her own home and his wife, misty croslin, on drugs for drug trafficking. what does this have to do with the disappearance of little haleigh? weigh in, bethany. >> it's so organized around the pursuit of that next high, that next hit of hillbilly heroin, that the likelihood is they didn't think about brushing little haleigh's teeth, they may not have thought about feeding her, they're not thinking about school, they're not thinking about getting a job. the likelihood is this little girl was neglected. you said earlier in the block that she was exposed to elements. i agree. who walked in and out of that trailer where there were drug parties going on? i agree with you, this little girl didn't stand a chance. and in terms of lying, they couldn't hold onto a high-level lie like whether they sold the little girl to get money for
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drugs, but the whole family system is organized around a low-level lie, which is around their drug usage, which is what makes it difficult to interview them. >> back to you, art harris. what, if anything, does this mean to the investigation in the disappearance and/or murder of five-year-old haleigh? >> well, nancy, this is the opportunity that investigators have been looking for, even though they are two separate teams, the drug investigators and the homicide or haleigh investigators. but they are taking advantage of it. they tried to talk to misty last night. i'm told, and her lawyer has advised her, not to speak to investigators. >> we are taking your calls live to sherry in pennsylvania. hi, sherry. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear, what's your question? >> caller: i just want to tell you, lucy and john david, they're lucky to have a mother like you. >> thank you. and i'm such a pushover. if they even fix their face to
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cry, i'm like, what, what, what do you want? i can see this is not going well. they've got me wrapped around their little finger, and they're only two. they don't even know what they're doing yet. what's your question, love? >> caller: my question is, do you think that ron and misty, like, said -- because he said before that they were supposed to divorce and that. do you think that was, like, all a hoax? >> that's a good question. art harris, what about it? how am i supposed to take it seriously that he's leaving her because he thinks she's involved or knows something about haleigh's disappearance, and then they're all snug geld up together selling dope? >> these people are trying to think one step ahead. they may be thinking down the road we could make hay on our reunion. but ron was genuinely taking up with another girlfriend, misty was seeing a number of other
8:35 pm
local guys. she was not talking to him for a while and then suddenly they're back together. >> i want to go back to joshua perper. you all know the renowned chief medical examiner of broward county, author of? wh "when to call the doctor." doctor, as usual, it is an honor to have you on with us. >> thank you. >> tell me, what would one or two oxycontin pills do to a little girl? she weighed 35 pounds at the time she disappeared. what would one or two oxycontin pills do to a child of that small a weight? >> they certainly can kill a child this way. two or three pills, especially, she can die. obviously, a child of this age and size doesn't develop tolerance, and it's a risk of
8:36 pm
dying. >> you know, dr. perper, when i have given the twins, who are at about 32 and 37 pounds, even if i've given them cough syrup, i'm a nervous wreck. i get a dropper, i measure it out to less than half a teaspoon, i wake up all during the night to go check if they're breathing, and to have a child around oxycontin, i mean, dr. perper, you've seen it all, probably more than i have as a felony prosecutor. what would a child like haleigh go through in the throes of death in an oxycontin overdose. >> sometimes parents leave out the bottle and the child thinks they are candies. and what would happen, basically, it wouldn't be
8:37 pm
painful but they would basically go to sleep and perhaps they might vomit before that and become unconscious or die. >> again, we are taking your calls live. i want to go to sergeant scott hang, sheriff's office, southern california. sheriff, if you were in charge of this investigation, would it be mere coincidence that police stung ronald cummings and misty croslin, or do you think this is part of a bigger plan to get the truth out about what happened to haleigh? >> i feel it's part of that bigger plan. i think they're using it to their advantage. they found out through informants they were involved in this criminal activity and they're using it to their advantage to get the upper hand and have them face charges and prison time that is substantial and maybe to help themselves out, they would be willing to either turn on each other or give information vital to find
8:38 pm
haleigh. >> back to the lawyer, sue moss, peter odom, joe lawless. i guess now, peter odom, you're going to argue along with joe lawless that it's somehow unconstitutional, that these people were set up, that they were arrested for drugs to really find out about the murder or kidnap case on haleigh. right, peter? i know where this is going. upg it you think it's funny? >> the actual crime is usually on videotape or audio tape and police officers are professional witnesses, so they have professional witnesses to give the evidence. they're terribly difficult to defend. an entrapment defense never works. >> i guess that was a roundabout way of saying, yes, that's through, but it won't work in court? >> we'll be putting our thinking caps on, and if she were my client, i would be having a very long talk with her about the implications of this. they're very hard to defend. >> you know what, peter, that
8:39 pm
was spoken like a true defense attorney because you so did not answer the question. have a crack at it, lawless? >> what's the question? i agree with peter. if i were her lawyer right now, i'd tell her to sit tight, keep her mouth shut and see what plays out. talking has only gotten this woman in trouble and more is only going to get worse. >> do you think the drug sting was a ruse to only get word about haleigh's disappearance? >> they're going to try, but she was caught 17 times. no one could get out of this one. tonight's ng photo album. here are some photos of lucy and john david in their new sunglasses. there he is, big boy. and now photos from virginia, friend of the show. lashawn and her beautiful 14-year-old daughter, lajala.
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and nine-month-old kendall and sister kayla. they fought to live and they are now happy and healthy. praise the lord.
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who is your lawyer, please? >> robert fields. >> have you had a chance to contact mr. fields? >> i talked to him last night -- yesterday, yes. >> so you had the opportunity to see him. at this point, if you retain mr. fields, if you're unable to hire a lawyer on these charges, you may seek the assistance of putnam county, you can tell the circuit court in putnam county
8:44 pm
and a public defender will be appointed. do you have any questions about that? >> no, sir. >> you may have a seat. >> i'm going to go back to art harris who first broke the story. misty croslin, the babysitter turned stepmother at, i think, 18 and the natural father of haleigh cummings now behind bars. everybody, i'm hearing these about this case as we're going through the show. i know i promised you we were going to the tiger woods story. i'm going to save that for tomorrow night. tiger woods can wait. we're talking about a missing five-year-old little girl, haleigh marie cummings. what else can you tell me, art harris? >> i can tell you, nancy, that the investigate orsz weors were misty would get into such a desperate situation that something like this would happen to give them the leverage they needed. they did not want anyone to help her, to give her money. there you have somebody on tape saying, what did you do? nothing. she got so desperate she became,
8:45 pm
as strange and astounding as it sounds, the master mind for the gang that couldn't deal straight. >> i would say gang in the loose sense of the word. we've got 26-year-old ronald cummings, haleigh's father, misty croslin, 18, tommy croslin, 23. donna brock is ringing a bell. maria chivo, didn't donna brock work for -- who does she work for? >> texas equusearch, and she was sort of put in there, remember when misty was going off, and non knew who she was -- >> hold on. didn't tim miller say that he put donna brock in with misty croslin to get the truth out of misty croslin? >> that's right, and donna has been saying all along that she's been helping investigators, that she's been sort of by misty's side trying to get more
8:46 pm
information and feed it back to them, and now she's arrested on the same charges as misty. so it's all very twisted. >> you know, was she on texas equusearch's payroll? was she paid by tim miller and now she's out dealing drugs? >> that's right, and they were giving misty money to get her nails done, to go shopping. they even bought christmas gifts for misty's nephews and nieces around christmastime, yes. >> are you telling me texas equusearch paid for all that? >> you got it, nancy. >> how do you know that? >> because our sources told us that. as a matter of fact, tim miller even said that he had provided donna for this sole purpose. >> okay. susan moss, peter odom, joe lawless, there you see a defense shaping up for donna brock, that she was really selling drugs to find out what happened to haleigh. that's, of course, complete b.s.
8:47 pm
what about t lawleit, lawless? >> doesn't sound good to me. i think she's in the same boat with misty and ronald. these defenses are almost impossible to beat. when they come in quantity, they're a real problem for a defendant. >> and to you, peter odom, as you said earlier, a typical defense. i've had it many, many, many -- can't even count how many times. when you've got a sting set up by, the defense will argue entrapment. now, just be a lawyer, don't take a side. tell me how you beat an entrapment defense. how would i beat an entrapment defense? >> nancy, the reason entrapment is so difficult is because the defendant, first of all, has the burden of proof, and the defendant has to show they would not have committed this crime except for police's misconduct. if brock was not selling drugs,
8:48 pm
anyway, she would not have been able to say she did not commit this crime. >> agree or disagree? >> disagree. she did not even work for a quasi-public agency. she worked for a private company. the fact she was selling drugs, she's guilty. >> dr. perper, i keep thic thinking -- not that i think that's what happened to haleigh, but i keep thinking of those letters i've got here on my desk where someone wrote that misty croslin took five-year-old pay leigh to a late-night party where everybody was drunk and using drugs, that she ingested oxycontin -- this was months ago -- and she died of a drug overdose. when i think of what the child went through physically and mentally for an overdose death, it makes me sick. >> it's certainly very sad, and
8:49 pm
when you have people who are on drugs, they don't really pay attention, they are negligent, and unless they gave her the drug on purpose, which sddoesn' appear to be the case, the child may take the drug and die under those circumstances. >> peter odom, joe m orlawless, susan moss, that would be endangerment. the death would occururing endangerment at a drug party. that would be felony murder. >> she's between a rock and a rock. the one is between 75 and 100 years in prison, and the felony murder is life. >> i'm understanding that misty croslin is clamming up. her lawyers are telling her not to talk, not to talk about the
8:50 pm
drug offenses and not to talk about haleigh, missing haleigh cummings and out to polly in california. hi, polly. >> caller: good evening, nancy. >> i had, dear. >> caller: i love you and your show and your kids. i still wish you were a prosecuting attorney because i just think you are the bomb. >> thank you. what's your question, love? >> caller: here's my question. now, assuming that they are sentenced on the drug charges to the mandatory 180 years, how is dangling a lighter sentence in front of them, if they give them information about poor little haleigh, going to get them to talk when she's facing a death sentence or possibility of life in prison if she's found guilty of murder? how is -- >> what you could do is if they got the minimum, which is 25 on each count, which is 150 years behind bars, after the sentencing, if she cooperated and solved the haleigh cummings
8:51 pm
case, a prosecutor could ask for an order modification in sentencing.
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what do you do for a living, ma'am? >> nothing. >> i'm sorry? >> nothing. >> how do you support yourself? >> my mom and my dad. >> how old are you? >> just turned 18. >> do you have money at this time to hire a lawyer? >> i have a lawyer. >> who's your lawyer? >> robert fields. >> have you had a chance to contact mr. fields? >> i talked to him last night -- yesterday, yeah. >> they'll give you an opportunity to speak with him. i'll show you at this point you retained mr. fields. if you're unable to hire a lawyer on these charges and need the assistance of the public defender, you can tell judge berger that when you were
8:55 pm
brought before her in putnam county and a public defender will be appointed. do you have any questions about that? >> no, sir. >> out to vicky in iowa. >> caller: hello. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: my question is i believe that ron cummings had custody of a son, and i was wondering while they were incarcerated, who's got the son? use, why didn't the state order that or check up on him going through this ordeal? >> excellent question. what about it art harris. where is junior cummings? >> junior has been staying at ronnell's grandmother's house, but i can tell you crystal with her new lawyer went back to court today in an emergency hearing in putnam county and asked for custody back, and one source tells me she got it. >> whoa. that is a huge, huge sea change. out to bethany marshall, psychoanalyst and author of "deal breakers." what's your final thought, bethany?
8:56 pm
>> i think putting the squeeze on misty and ronald by giving them 180 years will not necessarily make them tell the truth. long-term opiate abuse increases self-destructive behavior, lying and sometimes when you use tough love with the addict, they become even more self-destructive and they dig themselves in. what they need is sobriety, sitting in jail for a year, cooling their heels, then maybe they'll have insight and tell the truth. >> bethany, maybe a year, 18 months, two years behind bars will dry them all out and help them remember. let's stop and remember ourselves. army sergeant jason walter vaughn, 29. mississippi. killed iraq. on a second tour awarded the bronze star, purple heart. many other medals. loved his blue '78 chevelle. loyal to friends. never met a stranger. would give somebody his last dollar if he thought they needed it. leaves behind walter and rena,
8:57 pm
sister karisha, brother logan. wife contessa. stepdaughter ashley. jason walter vaughn, american hero. thank you to our guests but our biggest thank you is to you. a special thank you to florida special friend of the show, valerie, for this beautiful, beautiful gift that she made for the twins. i got it after christmas. we will be using it next year. valerie and her son share the twins' birthday, november 4th. i'll see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp eastern. until then, good night, friend.
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